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KINGSWOOD Day Nursery - Alderholt

Nature Nurture

Your baby will love a toddle to the forest, or a little pushchair ride to the forest school site.
Nature Nurture sessions are perfect for your child. Socks and shoes can be removed and your little one can squelch mud through their toes, or carry woodland creatures in their metal buckets.

 The engagement between nature and your child is so fascinating to watch.

Without a doubt Nature Nurture sessions play a huge part in the stimulating environment which helps your child grow and develop. The fresh air also helps deter illness and keeps us fit and healthy. 

 The fresh air is so therapeutic that sometimes a little snooze is in order. Not only are there comfy hammocks on our Forest School site there is also cots available. A sleep in the fresh air re-energises your little one so they are ready to explore the exciting environment and all it has to offer once again when they wake up.  


Here is a little idea of some of the sensory activities your child will experience:  

*Crunchy Leaf play

*Sticky Sticks

*Squash and a squeeze with clay/mud

*Muddy mark making

*Weaving and winding

*Sand, sticks and stones tactile play

*Conker creations

*Water and chalk

*The land of ice

*Soap flakes and sculptures

*Reflections and ripples

*Clouds and rain 


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