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KINGSWOOD Day Nursery - Alderholt

Dressing your child for nursery:
Please dress your child in appropriate clothing to suit the weather climate. We have an indoor/outdoor learning environment so children big and small will be venturing outdoors. Please ensure your children are in play clothes to enjoy all activities. KingsWood t-shirts and jumpers are available to purchase fitting children as young as 6 months. Long sleeved tops and trousers are required for Forest school and nature nurture sessions.  

Nursery Bag:
This should consistent of the following items from home:

splat Nappies / pull ups / spare underwear

splat Named pack of wet wipes (for children/babies in nappies)

splat Named spare clothing suitable to the weather

splat Home comforter if necessary

splat Named waterproof outdoor trousers and jacket for children over 2 years.

splat Sun screen and suitable insect repellent

Baby Bottles: If your child requires milk at nursery please bring bottles which are clearly labelled with your child’s name and the contents of the bottle.

Slippers: We do like all children and practitioners to feel relaxed and at home whilst at nursery so we do ask that children bring a pair of slippers. These can be left at nursery.

Illness / Medication: 
We hope that you as a parent / carer you will not bring a child to nursery if they are unwell. Please be aware we cannot accept a child if they have had a gastric upset in the past 48 hours.

Your child’s personal development will be recorded in their “Learning journal” This book belongs to you and your child, is full of photographs and goes home with your child at the end of every session. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum is followed for all children attending KingsWood. for more details.

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